My portrait

Hi, I’m Pietro.

I’m a software engineer from Milan, Italy.

My passions:

I currently work for Bending Spoons.

Open knowledge

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I recognize the immense contribution that open, free knowledge has given to the world.

In the past I’ve been an active Wikipedia contributor under the username of Pietrodn; from 2006 to 2009, I’ve been an administrator of the Italian Wikipedia.

I developed three tools to help Wikimedians work more efficiently on their projects:

  • Section Links analyzes all the links incoming from or arriving to a specific page and shows those pointing to non-existing sections.
  • Intersect Contribs intersects the contribution history of two users on a Wikimedia project to find which pages have been edited by both of them. It’s useful to discover sockpuppets, double votes and false accounts.
  • itwikinews-rss is a tool that automatically generates a RSS feed for the Italian version of Wikinews, Wikinotizie.

I’m a member of Wikimedia Italia, the Italian branch of the Wikimedia Foundation. Please consider giving your 5x1000, or donating, to Wikimedia Italia.

Open source

Here’s a list of free and open source projects I have contributed to:


Bending Spoons (2019 โ€“ present)

Bending Spoons office

Software Engineering Lead of the Algorithmic Trading team.

Developing data acquisition, data processing, and live trading systems on cryptocurrencies.

P.S.: we are a very desirable place to work for. And we’re hiring!

FLYToons (2017 โ€” 2019)

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Designing, implementing and deploying the distributed software components enabling the control of autonomous drone fleets. In particular, I worked on:

  • remote drone control using the MAVLink protocol (Python);
  • 3D modeling of drone trajectories and lights (Blender, Python);
  • automated configuration management of the drone fleet (Ansible);
  • system administration on embedded Linux platform (Raspbian and Armbian OS);
  • test flights and data analysis;
  • tuning, configuring and fixing the open-source PX4 flight firmware;
  • setup and maintenance of the VCS and CI infrastructure.


Politecnico di Milano

High School

  • 2007-2012: Liceo Scientifico “Albert Einstein” di Milano (100/100)