📖 Book review: "Why Programs Fail" by Andreas Zeller

Why Programs Fail: A Guide to Systematic Debugging (Andreas Zeller) 🪲 How do you debug a software issue? For me, it has always been a combination of staring at the program code very intensely, collecting evidence from past runs, intuition, and a lot of trial and error: keep changing things until the problem disappears. 🔬 Can we evolve past these “random”, unguided approaches, and debug a program using the scientific method?...

2022-07-22 · 4 min · Pietro De Nicolao

Ethereum for computer scientists

On June 6th, 2022, I held a seminar at Università degli Studi di Milano about Ethereum: virtual currency, state machines, and programmable money. The presentation is about Ethereum from the point of view of a computer scientist. It discusses Ethereum’s global state, the consensus mechanism, smart contracts, ERC20, and more. The slides are publicly available (Google Sheets; PDF).

2022-06-22 · 1 min · Pietro De Nicolao


Hi folks 👋🏼👋, welcome to my blog! I’m not going to publish with any particular frequency. This site is meant more as a repository of the things I deem worthy to put in writing.

2021-12-21 · 1 min · Pietro De Nicolao